Kitchen Sinks - Stainless Steel, Undermount Top Mount

Upgrade your kitchen with high-quality sinks from Sincere Home Decor. Browse our wide selection of stainless steel and ceramic sinks from top brands. Our expert team can help you find the perfect sink for your kitchen. Visit us today!

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"There are plenty of reasons for exercising care when choosing a sink, faucet and accessories. The sink works harder than almost any other appliance in your kitchen. It has to last at least 10- 12 years, possibly even longer. Your sink should offer maximum ergonomic comfort, in addition to being hygienic and anti-bacterial."

"Water is an important element in your kitchen. Water is critical for preparing meals, cleaning up and for drinking. You need to be absolutely certain that the materials used to bring water in and out of your kitchen, support healthy living. Having a high-quality kitchen faucet that you can rely on day after day for many years, is crucial. That’s why we set ourselves apart with the mission of achieving excellence in everything that we do."

" As the world’s largest purchaser of stainless steel, Franke has its choice of the best raw materials. But that is only the beginning of the evolution from fine to Franke. By lavishing this material with cost, care and craftsmanship Franke creates a stainless steel that is “uncommon.” Let us tell you about the choices, the processes and the skills that Franke invests to raise its stainless steel systems to the quality, beauty and longevity its discerning customers deserve."

  • Does not alter the essence and flavor of food
  • Surface is easy to clean
  • Requires very little upkeep
  • 100% recyclable, making it right for today’s environmentally conscious world
  • Resists corrosion and has hygienic and aseptic properties
  • Does not require the labor-intensive application of an added surface treatment